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Meet Deborah Chadwick
a gifted Psychic Intuitive for 20+ years
Born with unique talents and insight and a connection to spiritual guidance through the art of Cartomancy

About Deborah

A Unique Intuitive Consultant


Cartomancy is a divination using regular playing cards that originated in the 14th Century. Deborah receives messages through an intuitive channel that opens up to her through the playing cards. 


Prior to being told by a famous Hollywood psychic intuitive that she would be doing the same work as she, Deborah worked as a hair colorist and esthetician. While getting to know her clients, she noticed that she was receiving information and feelings about them. People were amazed with her insight and accuracy of the information she gave them, including names and dates. So much so, that she began to develop a growing private practice. After a bad breakup, Deborah moved to Las Vegas and became a Black Jack dealer, ‘as a distraction’! This is when she noticed that the cards started telling her stories about the players at the table. From that point on, Deborah was connected to the card deck and it became the conduit to her Intuitive channel.


Deborah has worked with many celebrities. She co-stared in Stars & Cards, a weekly show with San Fransisco based Intuitive Astrologer, Patty Kamson, giving Psychic & Astrological guidance to its viewers. But most telling about Deborah’s gifts, are the extensive following of loyal clients who have relied on her guidance for decades.


She begins a session by shuffling the cards while asking the clients’ question. This infuses the energy of the question into the cards. Spirit then lays out the cards so they appear to her like a storyboard. Deborah can see and hear as well as feel the the energy of the cards. The messages and guidance that come through are exactly what the client needs at the time in order to empower themselves to live their best life.


What They’re Saying

Deborah has an intuitive gift which allows her to contribute information and messages quickly and understandably with razor-like precision and accuracy. Whether you're searching for clarity, direction, and validation, Deborah is the BEST!



Deborah has given me profound insights and guidance that have proven to be invaluable during the four years I have known her.  

Steven Edwards, Motivational Speaker, Author

I am a skeptic by nature but Deborah's unique gifts have opened my eyes and my mind in ways I previously never thought possible. She has an uncanny ability to see what others can't and know what other's don't. She offers helpful insight and concrete advice that I have applied to my life and work with astounding results. 

Adam Rivkin, Writer/Director/Producer

Be a reflection of what

you'd like to receive. 

If you want love, give love. 

If you want truth, be truthful. 

If you want respect, give respect. 

What you give out will always return.

-Kristen Butler


The Divine World Awaits

Intuitive Consultant 

1 hour       $150

30 min       $77

15 min       $44

One Question $44 

Intuitive Arrangement

is the art of harmonizing how one relates to their environment freeing up blockages

of energy  to create harmony and 

balance in your home. 

Starts at $175


Sarasota, Florida


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